Post-acute Care Services

Directing Business, Technology, and Compliance for the Long-Term

The service delivery demand placed on post-acute care providers is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Information sharing and interoperability between long-term care facilities and hospitals is stronger than it’s ever been, and is becoming more important day by day. Concerns about providing effective transition of care while reducing hospital readmission rates are compounded by the proliferation of new, and often costly, healthcare technologies and platforms. Owners and operators need solutions now to maximize quality of care and revenue while meeting regulatory and performance requirements.

A deep understanding of the post-acute and long-term care market to drive success

SGP is helping our clients in this market solve the deeply entrenched problems associated with the increased integration between hospitals, skilled nursing homes, and post-acute care services. Our unique, multi-disciplinary team focuses specifically on the post-acute care market to deliver relevant and cost effective solutions that optimize your care delivery and revenue goals.

Armed with more than 30 years of experience in this area, we help our clients find effective and affordable EMR solutions to increase reimbursement rates and overall revenue growth. Our analytic capabilities help our clients interpret their data sets, to monitor overall population health, and prevent hospital readmission. We deliver project management, system implementation, and operational consulting services to ensure your current and future success.

Proven Success

“Mike and his team have provided the professional consulting and project management services required to ensure our company’s success in completing the various tasks and objectives associated with our EMR implementation effort, our multiple acquisition and divestiture projects and has relayed valuable industry knowledge to our entire team.”

Rusty Metcalfe, CIO of Fundamental Administrative Services

Service areas

Designed to be flexible to meet the unique needs of each of our post-acute and long-term care clients, we provide a range of effective services:

  • Comprehensive Project/Program Management
  • Mergers and Acquisition Services
  • Resource and Budget Management
  • Gap Analysis and RFP Development
  • EMR System and Technology Implementation
  • Training and Education
  • Documentation and Knowledge Transfer
  • Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Project Rescue
Representative Clients


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​Our talented team navigates often complicated regulatory compliance and audit requirements to ensure smooth business management and workflow.