Carin Postal

Research Associate

Carin Postal is a leader in healthcare management research

Carin Postal is a current MBA Candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School specializing in Healthcare Management and Entrepreneurship. She is the current President of the Healthcare Business Association, and is always in pursuit of ideas/volunteers for upcoming events! Our 5th Annual Business in Healthcare Conference is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, 2018 at the Carey Business School around the theme ‘Creating Value in Care’.

Carin spent the summer in Hartford, CT as a Health Services Leadership Associate at Cigna in the Department of Innovation Center of Excellence, working on projects relating to coverage integration and customer behavior change. She began her career in healthcare working in women’s health clinics in South Africa, Namibia, and Tanzania where she discovered issues relating to access disparities, supply-side barriers, and lapses in quality control. After graduating from Carleton College with a degree in Political Science/International Relations, she was able to address similar gaps in healthcare in her own community of Washington DC. With the support of one of the largest private providers of reproductive health services in the world, she worked on the founding team building a new non-profit clinical enterprise to revolutionize women’s healthcare in the U.S.

During her time at Johns Hopkins, she continues to explore medical innovations by working across the institution with students, clinicians, and administrators on device and digital start-ups. In her free time, Carin enjoys traveling, reading poetry and science fiction literature, listening to vinyl, and taking additional courses at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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  • President of the Healthcare Business Association, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
  • MBA: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
  • BA: Political Science/International Relations, Carleton College