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Industrializing Healthcare

How Transparency, Efficiency and Markets Will Transform the Industry

Technology and Data Needs

Robert L Choi, Founding Partner/Chief Strategy Officer at Collin Healthcare discusses the current technology and data …

Cost, Value and Standardization

Dr. William Streck, MD discusses cost, value and standardization in the healthcare field in a panel …

Drivers of Industrialization

Jeff Chester, Chief Revenue Officer and SVP from Availity, on the three drivers of healthcare industrialization: …

Healthcare Industrialization

Dr. David Levin, MD discusses the concept of healthcare industrialization being safe and reliable, patient-centric, efficient, provider-friendly, and …

New Day for NO/AIDS

“Go big or go home” guides transformation to CrescentCare  In the summer of 2014 Crescent Care …

Saving Dorchester House

New EMR and Revenue Cycle Improvements enable turnaround

Threat to Population Health

Chief Economist Anirban Basu explains how rising interest rates pose a problem.

Kristen and Brain Orthopedic Spine Specialists

Kristen Botanic tells how the Brain Orthopedic Spine Specialists improved her quality of life.

Connie and Jeremy’s Story

Connie Smith and Jeremy Sawdey tell their story of working with the Brain Orthopedic Spine Specialists …