NO/AIDS Task Force and Sage Growth Partners Initiate Strategic Business Planning Process

Efforts Aimed at Transition to a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) for New Orleans-based Facility

Baltimore, MD – January 25, 2013 • NO/AIDS Task Force, a New Orleans-based organization dedicated to reducing the spread of HIV infection, has engaged Sage Growth Partners (SGP) to direct them through strategic and business planning activities to support their transition into a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).

Founded in 1983, the NO/AIDS Task Force has evolved over the years providing HIV antibody testing, counseling services, primary medical care, liaison nurse home visits, medication disbursement, and meal delivery services while advocating empowerment and safeguarding the rights and dignity of HIV affected individuals throughout the Gulf South region.

According to Executive Director, Noel Twilbeck, Jr., “There is a certain level of uncertainty as to how the federal government will modify funding streams with the implementation of Healthcare Reform slated for 2014. We felt it was essential for our organization to take a proactive approach to ensure our long-term viability.” Twilbeck continues, “By transitioning to a FQHC, we will not only guarantee the continuation of our AIDS-related services, it will allow us to expand our facilities, increase staffing, and enhance our overall service offerings to meet the needs of individuals who otherwise, might not have access to affordable health care.”

According to SGP VP, Chris DeMarco, “Achieving FQHC status will be a metamorphic change for the NO/AIDS Task Force. To implement a comprehensive transition, SGP will develop and implement a strategic business plan that incorporates clinical, managerial and financial initiatives which are mission-critical to the Task Force’s overall goals and defines a clear path to provide expanded health services to their targeted population over the course of several years.”

As part of the engagement, SGP will design and facilitate coordinated strategic and business planning activities to guide the organization through its transition and position it for long-term viability. “Much of our work will be based on a community needs assessment,” said Don McDaniel, SGP’s CEO. “By calculating projected patient growth for targeted service areas, we can identify optimal clinical and staffing requirements, and develop revenue growth models to determine the financial needs for the first four years of operation as a FQHC.”

SGP’s engagement is expected to last 6 months with the Task Force actively pursuing FQHC status by the fall of 2013.

About Sage Growth Partners
Sage Growth Partners (SGP), a health care strategy, technology and marketing firm, provides insight, advice and multi-disciplined execution to growth-minded health care organizations, including hospitals, health systems, medical device companies, physicians groups, insurers, trade associations, and academic institutions. With deep roots in the business of health care, SGP delivers results to difficult industry and organizational challenges.

Founded in 2005, SGP is located in Baltimore, MD and serves clients such as GE Healthcare, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, St. Jude Medical, University of Maryland Medical Center, National Association of Community Health Centers, Christus Miguerza Health System, Availity LLC., and Boston Medical Center.

About NO/AIDS Task Force
For over 29 years, NO/AIDS Task Force has been providing hope, care and compassion to thousands of men, women and families affected by HIV & AIDS in Southeast Louisiana. The Task Force acknowledges that the complications of HIV-disease are not just physical, but mental, emotional and social as well. That is why our agency offers a full spectrum of care at low to no cost, including services such as: an HIV medical clinic, food pantry, home delivered meals, housing, mental health, medications, and many others. NO/AIDS also remains committed to the health of the Gulf Coast community and reaches over 20,000 each year through HIV prevention education efforts. For more information, please visit or call 504-821-2601.