Sage Growth Partners Delivers Market-Disrupting ROI Tool to API Healthcare

Engagement is a perfect storm for Sage Growth as the firm brings together its multi-disciplinary talents to advance API’s sales activities

API Healthcare, a GE Healthcare Company, first approached Sage Growth Partners (SGP) early last year to explore the possibility of working together. API’s workforce optimization solutions are used by more than 1,600 health systems and staffing agencies. The goal was to reinforce API’s position as a thought leader in the industry, arm the sales team with powerful tools, and generate demand for its KLAS award-winning solution.

Fast forward to today and Tara Heiser, Director of Product Marketing for API, can confirm the positive impact Sage Growth Partners’ work is having on her team: “I have been incredibly impressed with SGP’s knowledge, flexibility, productivity, patience and overall sense of humor. We have been true partners in the development of game-changing resources [for our team] and I can’t wait to work with them again.”

Sage Growth Partners recently completed a multi-faceted engagement intended to advance the market position and sales activities of API Healthcare. The central asset of the initiative was the creation of a market-disrupting ROI tool that quantifies the many adverse financial and clinical effects of nurse overtime. Ms. Heiser goes on to say, “SGP built a financial model that projects the potential savings an organization could achieve by better managing their staff. This mobile app is helping our sales team elevate the conversation with the C-suite and helps them to think about the connection between their workforce and initiatives around satisfaction and safety.”

Along with the ROI tool, API was seeking a more transparent and powerful way to articulate the benefits of its staffing and scheduling solution to its sales organization and, ultimately, the market. SGP was engaged to clear another hurdle for API.

In phase two of the client engagement, SGP delivered a suite of sales and marketing resources around the proprietary strategic ROI tool that underscores API’s abilities to impact many mission critical activities and measures that affect patient satisfaction, medical errors, and the bottom line through better managing overtime.

Ms. Heiser explains, “SGP conducted extensive primary and secondary research to identify the key areas that our solutions can impact, above and beyond the traditional overtime savings story. They led thorough training sessions with key stakeholders internally to ensure everyone was confident using the mobile app.” She goes on to say, “In addition, [SGP] developed sales enablement materials that support the conversation including a white paper entitled, “Unveiling Overtime’s Total Costs: How OT May Be Harming Your Business and Your Patients”, an infographic, sales presentation, FAQ document and a client case study.”

The work that SGP did will go far to help API quantify the value of its solution and elevate the conversation for the sales team within the C-suite of prospective customers. Sage Growth was able to bring together its unique set of multi-disciplinary competencies in research, strategic planning, technology know-how, go-to-market positioning, and sales enablement in a powerful way to “move the needle” for API.

Ms. Heiser concludes her testimonial by saying, “The team at API Healthcare has been thoroughly impressed with SGP’s ability to quickly ramp up on our business and how we impact the clinical and financial outcomes of our clients”

Dan D’Orazio, COO of Sage Growth Partners says, “Our work is at the heart of building enabling capabilities for organizations like API Healthcare that are passionate about improving the operational performance of healthcare delivery through innovative solutions. We feel like the work we’ve done around the creation of an ROI tool and advancing API’s sales activities will disrupt the status quo, to the benefit of API and its customers.” Dan goes on to say, “SGP has earned a reputation for delivering results to difficult industry and organizational challenges.”

Add API Healthcare to Sage Growth Partners’ growing list of satisfied clients.

About Sage Growth Partners

Sage Growth Partners (SGP), a health care strategy, technology and marketing firm, provides insight, advice and multi-disciplined execution to growth-minded health care organizations nationally, including hospitals, health systems, physicians groups, insurers, trade associations and academic institutions. With deep roots in the business of health care, SGP delivers results to difficult industry and organizational challenges.

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