Sage Growth Partners Selected by Rhythm Management Group as Marketing Agency of Record

SGP will deliver strategic marketing communications services to the leading remote cardiac and patient monitoring company

BALTIMORE, Md.Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sage Growth Partners (SGP), a Baltimore-based healthcare research, strategy, and marketing firm, has announced its appointment as Rhythm Management Group’s marketing agency of record. A provider of remote cardiac and patient monitoring services, Rhythm has engaged SGP for strategic marketing communications, including messaging and positioning, content development, lead nurturing, and public relations. SGP will help Rhythm elevate its visibility in the marketplace, and advance its reputation as a leader in the remote monitoring space.

Founded by clinicians, Rhythm’s comprehensive monitoring services and software allow physicians to track the status of their patients around the clock. With decades of experience offering remote monitoring for patients with implanted cardiac devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators, Rhythm has recently expanded their services to include remote vital sign monitoring, such as weight and blood pressure. Through an alert system that can be tailored for each patient, abnormal readings are elevated to the physician so that problems can be addressed without delay. Remote monitoring ensures that healthcare providers are always connected to their patients, preventing emergency department admissions and optimizing health outcomes for some of the most at-risk patients—those with cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.

“With COVID-19 making the delivery of non-emergency in-person care something of a health risk, remote monitoring has emerged as an ideal solution to help keep people at home,” said Andrea Clark, Rhythm’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “With almost 20 years of experience doing remote cardiac monitoring, we launched our remote patient monitoring service to help reach beyond patients with cardiac implants, monitoring vital signs and helping optimize health outcomes for any patient with a chronic condition. SGP helped us launch that service line and navigate our marketing strategy as the pandemic broke out. In just a brief time, their outstanding team has already advanced our brand, messaging, and reputation. We’re looking forward to our continued work together.”

“COVID-19 has elevated remote monitoring to a critical healthcare tool,'” said Boh Hatter, SGP’s CMO and General Manager, Marketing. “Rhythm is extremely well-positioned to help give chronic care patients across the country peace of mind about their health, without needing to step into a doctor’s office unless it’s absolutely necessary. Our multidisciplinary marketing team looks forward to helping Rhythm expand its market to help more patients and practices during these challenging times.”

About Rhythm Management Group

Rhythm Management Group provides high-touch solutions for remote cardiac and other monitoring services, typically doubling patient enrollment as well as ensuring connectivity and enhancing quality outcomes. Founded in 2011, Rhythm manages almost 40,000 patients with cardiac remote monitoring devices, including pacemakers, defibrillators, heart failure monitors, and implantable loop monitors. Rhythm provides its software platform and comprehensive services to cardiology practices and health systems nationwide.