Senior Advisor to Sage Growth Publishes New Book

Stephen Schimpff, MD, Authors Book that Tackles a Pervasive Problem in Primary Care

Baltimore, MD – May 26, 2015 · Sage Growth Partners (SGP), a Baltimore-based healthcare consulting, technology, and marketing firm today announced Stephen Schimpff, MD, Senior Advisor, has released his latest book titled, “Fixing the Primary Care Crisis: Reclaiming the Patient-Physician Relationship and Returning Healthcare Decisions to You and Your Doctor.”

Fixing the Primary Care Crisis” explains why patients get only 10 minutes with their doctor and addresses the origins of the shortage of Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) and how these negatively affect both the cost and the quality of care. Schimpff’s extensive research and insight offers a transparent look into why our healthcare delivery system serves us so poorly, why it costs so much, and why government and insurer policy over many decades has not only failed to improve care delivery but has actually made it worse. Schimpff explores methods needed to resolve, what he terms, the ‘Primary Care Crisis.’ 

This book is the fourth book for general audiences and healthcare workers authored by Dr. Schimpff and is available in both a print copy and e-book version. Other titles written by Dr. Schimpff include: “The Future of Health Care Delivery: Why It Must Change and How It Will Affect You;” “The Future of Medicine: Megatrends in Medicine that Will Improve Your Health Care & Your Quality of Life;” and “Alignment.”

Says Don McDaniel, President and CEO of Sage Growth Partners, “We are inspired by and can learn a lot from Steve’s ability to explain what is ailing the U.S. healthcare system as well as his dedication to proposing practical solutions to advance the quality of care delivery for this and future generations.”

With a foreword written by Economist Anirban Basu and advanced praise from leaders in the healthcare field, “Fixing the Primary Care Crisis” delivers on its promise to reclaim the patient-physician relationship.

Says Stephen Schimpff, “If we are to fix the dysfunction of our healthcare delivery system, the place to start is to fix the crisis in primary care. Primary care should be the backbone of the system but today PCPs are caught in an unstainable business model that forces them to see too many patients per day for too short a time each. This leads to over utilization of specialists, tests, prescriptions and X-rays, thus driving up expenses without improving quality. Schimpff concludes, “The reimbursement system needs to change so that each patient can obtain the time needed based on their unique needs. There are many examples of how this can work and I review each of them in some detail showing how the care improves, satisfaction rises and yet total costs decline.”

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About Stephen Schimpff, MD

In his fifth decade as physician, educator and cancer/infectious disease researcher, Dr. Stephen Schimpff is one of the world’s foremost experts on health care. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of the University of Maryland Medical Center, a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine where he teaches residents and fellows in oncology and infectious diseases and is a professor of public policy at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Schimpff is a senior advisor to Sage Growth Partners.

In addition to his work in educating the public about how changes in the healthcare landscape will affect them, Dr. Schimpff, a Yale Medical School graduate, is internationally recognized for his cancer/infectious disease research at the University of Maryland and the National Cancer Institute’s Baltimore Cancer Research Center. He has published more than 200 scientific articles on cancer/infectious diseases and healthcare and is board certified in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and medical oncology.

Dr. Schimpff has also served as a board member of companies seeking to advance medical devices and technologies and was the lead consultant to the US Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) on patient safety in the “OR of the Future.” He conducted a major study of “The Hospital of the Future” for TATRC and was asked to participate in a congressionally-mandated review of the construction of the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

About Sage Growth Partners

Sage Growth Partners (SGP), a healthcare strategy, technology, and marketing firm, provides insight, advice and multi-disciplined execution to growth-minded healthcare organizations nationally, including hospitals, health systems, physicians groups, insurers, trade associations and academic institutions. With deep roots in the business of healthcare, SGP delivers results to difficult industry and organizational challenges.

Founded in 2005, SGP is located in Baltimore, MD and serves clients such as GE Healthcare, Boston Scientific, SAS, Stericycle, Availity, and HeartFlow.

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