Seema Mathur

Senior Engagement Manager

Seema Mathur, Director, Strategy at Sage Growth Partners (SGP), is a senior business executive with over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology, provider, and payer workflows. Prior to joining SGP, she served as the Product Owner in the Healthcare Group at PegaSystems, where she drove market requirements into a care management solution.

Seema began her career as a software engineer focused on clinical EMR products; she subsequently worked in hospital settings, driving clinical, administrative, and financial workflow, efficiency, and analytics.   As a product manager, she helped to define combined clinical and financial solutions in several organizations, including GE Healthcare.

Seema has worked across the industry in vendor, hospital and payer organizations. For the past 10 years, she has focused on driving population health solutions through financial and clinical workflow solutions, ranging from operationalizing reimbursement models for both payer and provider revenue cycle products, to operationalizing the clinical workflows that improve healthcare delivery quality and efficiency.

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Seema received her BA in anthropology from Beloit College and studied informatics at Hamburg University in Germany. While she was at GE, she also completed a course in Advanced Leadership.