Uncovering hidden data roadblocks of cloud and AI adoption in healthcare

by | Jun 28, 2023

As the healthcare industry pursues digital transformation, cloud technology has become its new frontier. To deliver on its promise, populating the cloud with robust data sets is a necessity; yet, barriers to real-time data exchange abound. These resource, budget, and interoperability barriers wind up limiting – or even preventing – its biggest advances.

Read the latest report from Redox, which features insights from our independent survey of over 100 US provider organizations. You’ll gain perspective on current use cases for cloud technology, the impacts of adoption challenges, and the potential this technology holds for the future of care delivery.

Download and learn:

  • Why 95% of executives believe cloud adoption will be mission critical in the next two years
  • Which cloud use case is projected to have the greatest potential
  • The biggest barriers limiting real-time data ingestion today
  • The C-suite’s POV on cloud technology’s speed-to-value

Help ensure your organization can avoid the biggest barriers limiting the impact of cloud technology.