Can Trump Make Healthcare Great Again?

Opportunities and Challenges for Healthcare Under a Trump Administration.

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In the weeks following the unexpected Trump victory, the healthcare industry has been abuzz with predictions about the president-elect’s plans. To help understand the shape of things to come, Sage Growth Partners (SGP) reached out to a number of experts from across the healthcare industry to gather their predictions on what the future may hold.

THESE EXPERTS DISCUSS the imperfections of the ACA, and explain why cherry picking certain components of it—like the individual mandate—won’t work. Their recommendations include building on the existing health exchanges, expanding managed Medicare and Medicaid, selling insurance across state lines, and expanding the use of the PCMH model and value-based reimbursement models.


Republicans have been bent on dismantling the ACA, with roughly 60 attempts to repeal it during the Obama administration. Nonetheless, SGP clients felt that its immediate repeal would be unlikely, given that parts of the ACA cannot be dismantled without impacting costs and unbalancing the entire system.

“They will need to make sure they don’t inadvertently cause a cascade of unintended problems by undoing one part without the other,” said Kelly Price, Vice President & Chief of Healthcare Data Analytics at DataGen, a healthcare analytics and payment policy advisory company. “One of our big concerns is that the ACA included significant cuts to provider payments to help pay for the insurance coverage expansion. Repealing the coverage provisions without restoring payment rates to pre-ACA levels would significantly disadvantage the provider community.”

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