Wellcentive: Marketing Case Study



  • Identifying market needs, developing solutions, and promoting impact
  • Needed to stay at the crest of the population health movement

Like many technology companies, we tried to sell features and functions. Sage challenged that and helped us build a different story that taps into the pains our prospects feel. Our investment in marketing is now generating qualified prospects and dramatically improved sales performance.
— Mason Beard , Co-founder, Wellcentive


  • Assert unique market positioning
  • Refine and consistently deliver evocative and differentiated messaging
  • Created sales algorithm and heat map
  • Implemented integrated marketing campaign in three thought leadership cycles per year


  • Sold to Philips Healthcare for a market-leading multiple
  • Moved SEO ranking from page three to No. 5 on page one
  • 132 qualified leads for interactive web tool campaign
  • LinkedIn ads get an average of 5x to 44x more clicks than average
  • Tagline development
  • Almost 720,000 media impressions from Q2-Q3


Novelty to Normalcy White Paper


Novelty to Normalcy Infographic


Cost of Inaction Calculator

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