Six ways your practice’s website is hurting your bottom line | Physician’s Practice

By Boh Hatter, Chief Marketing Officer, Sage Growth Partners

The full article is published in Physicians Practice

If you’re hoping to attract new patients, you must ensure your practice website sets the right tone. A growing body of research, including a recent survey of 1,000 consumers by Kyruus, shows that more patients are basing their selection of physician (whether that be a PCP or specialist) on internet research rather than referrals.

Regardless of the type of provider consumers are seeking, results from the survey indicate that more than half are going online to research providers, with 51% of those who conduct their own research ultimately finding their provider online.

Despite the growing importance of practice websites in attracting new patients, most practices haven’t made them a priority. As a result, they often serve as a barrier to practice growth, rather than an opportunity.

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