Never More Essential

A Pandemic Reveals the Critical Role of Communication in Providing Safe, Effective Healthcare

Crises have a way of changing the world forever. Since 9/11, airport security has never been the same. After HIV, needlesticks became not just an infection control issue but a matter of life and death, launching the use of needleless devices and forever changing how clinicians interact with patients. 

Similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to define new ways to keep our healthcare teams and patients safe while ensuring we can preserve vital communications. It has become clear that the ability to isolate large numbers of infected patients and also to restart revenue-generating services often depends on our ability to quickly redeploy staff and reconfigure workflows and communication flows. 

As this paper describes, organizations that had developed effective, enterprise-level communication systems prior to COVID-19 were better positioned to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission, lessen the cognitive overload that can contribute to medical errors, and potentially improve throughput and capacity. 

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