How a National Integrated Marketing Campaign Boosted COVID-19 Vaccination Rates


NMHA-Book-Mock-1Learn how SGP analyzed audience personas, developed a compelling campaign theme, and launched a trifecta of digital, traditional, and in-person marketing tactics to create a campaign that resonated across personas and perspectives – and inspired the vaccine hesitant to take action.

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When “Flex for Checks” officially launched in August 2021, the campaign immediately took off – home care agencies, home healthcare workers, and others began flooding the site. With the generous operating budget, SGP developed robust targeting parameters to help amplify the message and reach the largest possible population of qualified individuals – to great effect.

The campaign outperformed even the highest expectations, resulting in nearly 70,000 vaccinations, 23,489 of which were a direct result of SGP’s paid social efforts.

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SGP crafted and promoted a series of short and informative campaign videos like this one to help quickly engage individuals and convey the main benefits of the “Flex for Checks” campaign. All campaign materials worked to convey three simple steps that made a big impression: register, get a shot, and get paid to help make a difference.

This case deep dives into SGP’s process, from initial research and persona segmentation, through to ideation, concept development, website launch, and more. Download today to learn:

  1. How to identify persona-specific barriers to action & galvanizing motivators
  2. How to launch campaign language and graphics across diverse mediums for broad impact
  3. The anatomy of a successful grassroots population health campaign
  4. Tips for leveraging initial engagement into inspirational testimonials to catapult further interest
  5. And much more
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