Transforming Health Evolution’s Brand and Digital Presence


Health Evolution is a highly respected organization dedicated to bringing together the country’s most influential healthcare leaders to drive transformation. Most well-known for hosting the  annual and highly exclusive Health Evolution Summit, the organization drives cross-industry impact through several events, forums, and fellowship programs. Recently, Health Evolution partnered with Sage Growth Partners (SGP) to elevate their brand presence and visual identity and enhance awareness and understanding of their offerings. 


  • Differentiate Health Evolution from competitors and capture attention by establishing an effective and memorable brand identity, including a new logo and website
  • Clearly communicate, and enhance awareness of, Health Evolution’s unique value and offerings among target audiences, including busy CEOs and industry leaders 
  • Educate the market about pathways to engage, including through the Health Evolution fellowship program
  • Update branding and website to reflect new business model for Health Evolution, which includes membership and events


Step 1: Research and Insights 

SGP conducted extensive research and discovery, including a competitor analysis and multiple voice of business, voice of customer, and voice of market interviews to understand market needs, pain points, and Health Evolution’s unique parcel of ground. SGP also facilitated a retreat with Health Evolution leaders to explore research findings and uncover new insights. 

Step 2: Messaging Development 

SGP crafted a messaging suite for Health Evolution, which included market pain points, market promises, proof points, positioning statement, and a tagline: “Where Healthcare Change Happens.” 

Step 3: Logo Design

SGP conducted a thorough creative brief evaluation that prioritized  visual aesthetics and brand positioning. SGP then shared multiple logo concepts that represented various genres and approaches. The final logo was selected for reflecting a premium and refined aesthetic that also conveyed cutting-edge innovation and exclusivity. 

Health Ev - Logo Options

Step 4: Visual Branding 

With the logo as the foundation, SGP developed a comprehensive visual branding strategy. This included defining color palettes, typography, and imagery that evoked credibility, recognition, and authenticity. By carefully aligning the visual elements with Health Evolution’s core values and positioning, SGP created a cohesive and memorable brand identity. 

Health Ev - Visual Branding

Step 5: Website Redesign

To ensure Health Evolution’s website aligned with the newly established brand identity, SGP undertook a complete website redesign. The redesigned website featured a user-centric design that prioritized ease of navigation. It also incorporated multiple custom pages that were built specifically to meet Health Evolution’s unique needs, including multiple types of blogs and page formats. SGP also conducted a full content audit of the site to help Health Evolution determine how to best organize content in the most user-friendly way..

Health Ev - Website Comparison

Step 6: Fellowship Portal Development

SGP also built a fellowship portal into the website, which served as a central hub for Health Evolution’s fellowship program members. The portal provided a seamless user experience, facilitating engagement and access to exclusive resources and opportunities.

Results and Outcomes:

The implementation of the project yielded significant results, including:

– Marked increase in website traffic and improved user engagement.

– Higher participation in the fellowship program, exceeding initial expectations.

– Positive market perception and improved brand recognition.

– Favorable feedback from Health Evolution’s target audience.

Testimonials and Quotes:

“Sage Growth Partners’ expertise in branding, messaging, and web design has elevated our presence in the market and enabled us to showcase new product offerings, while expanding our relationships with health care industry leaders.” – Dan Melore, EVP, Marketing & Operations


Through research, messaging development, logo design, visual branding, website redesign, and more, Sage Growth Partners positively transformed Health Evolution’s brand and digital presence. The project’s outcomes exceeded expectations, positioning Health Evolution as a leading force in the healthcare industry.