Achieving Success with Paid Media Strategies in Uncertain Times

Syft, a leading provider of healthcare supply chain management software and services, faced challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional marketing strategies. With in-person events canceled and heightened competition in the digital space, Syft needed to find a different approach to stand out in the market. Sage Growth Partners engaged with Syft to develop a strategic marketing campaign focused on paid media initiatives, which included targeted content distribution, partnerships with relevant industry publications, and successful webinars. The results were exceptional, with a significant increase in MQLs, improved website traffic, and enhanced brand visibility. 


  • Generated 650+ Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in just six months 
  • Two paid webinars resulted in 496 MQLs 
  • Improved SEO keyword rankings 
  • 3X increase in website visitors due to paid and organic social campaigns 

To learn more about how Syft successfully implemented a paid media campaign during the pandemic, download our comprehensive case study.

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