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Dr. Jack Geiger: Pioneers in Value-Based Delivery

CHCs well positioned to succeed in the new healthcare landscape, according to the co-founder of America’s …

Dr. Jack Geiger: The War on Poverty

“And this administration to day here and declares unconditional war on poverty in America.” Lyndon Johnson …

Governance and Sustaining Independent Physician Practices

Health reform and the resulting movement to value-based health and accountable care are prompting new payment …

Sustainable Physician-Led Enterprises: Lessons From the Field

Sustainable Physician-Led Enterprises: Lessons From the Field from Sage Growth Partners

Beyond ACOs: Who will get to true sustainability?

A recent Op-ed piece by Clayton Christensen, Jeffrey Flier, and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan in The Wall Street Journal discusses …

The Burgeoning Public Health Crisis

From “The Burgeoning Public Health Crisis: Demand Analysis and Market Opportunity for Advanced Trauma Systems in the Developing World”

Will Your Health Care Organization Be Sustainable?

The coordination of care can fulfill the long sought after promise of reducing expenditures driven by FFS while simultaneously improving patient outcomes.

FQHCs Well Positioned to Lead

Generally speaking, FQHCs get it.