New Biopharma Leaders Survey Provides Exclusive Industry Insight on Current Unmet Needs and Future Plans for Digital Solution Offerings

New report sheds light on disconnect between industry needs and vendor capabilities

Baltimore, MD, February 14, 2023– Biopharma companies are increasingly utilizing a range of digital solutions to support key use cases across the value chain. Whether it is to support patients in their use of oncology, immunology and other therapies, more effectively manage increasingly decentralized clinical trials, enhance insights into real world evidence or other needs, manufacturers rely on a growing number of digital solutions to help them accomplish goals.

A new report from health and life sciences consultancy Sage Growth Partners (SGP) is shedding light on areas where there appears to be a disconnect between biopharma’s ongoing needs and the industry’s available digital solution capabilities.

The Great Disconnect what digital biopharma solutions are missing, provides exclusive insights and recommendations gathered from a recent national survey of Biopharma executives. The respondents represent pre-commercial, mid-size and large companies, with 69% being those with more than $10 billion in annual revenues.

“The biopharma digital solutions landscape is an active, dynamic and highly fragmented space, especially in terms of clinical development, patient engagement and digital therapeutics,” said David Sheehy, Chief Operating Officer, Sage Growth Partners. “While many respondents indicated they have invested in the latest data, analytics, and digital solutions, significant challenges and unmet needs still remain.”

The SGP survey and findings analyzed digital solutions in six key areas: Analytics, Real World Evidence (RWE), Enterprise, Clinical Development, Patient Engagement and Digital Therapeutics.

Key findings and insights of the report include:

  • Investments in digital solutions to address RWE and Clinical Development are shown to be a strategic priority for the next 3 years
  • Future investments are expected to focus on Oncology solutions, Immunology and Infectious Diseases/Vaccines
  • Investments in patient engagement solutions are expected to continue during the next 5 years
  • Major gaps exist in many currently available digital solutions areas

The full report, The Great Disconnect what digital biopharma solutions are missing, can be found online at