Dr. Jack Geiger: Pioneers in Value-Based Delivery

by | Aug 24, 2015

CHCs well positioned to succeed in the new healthcare landscape, according to the co-founder of America’s Community Health Centers, Dr. Jack Geiger.

An important paradigm shift that characterizes the industrialization of health care is the shift from fee-for-service (FFS) to fee for value based payments. As Dr. Geiger recognized, community health centers are imminently well positioned to take advantage of this new revenue trend.

Those changes in the Affordable Care Act and the way we reimburse, really put most health centers in a very good position because of the quality of what’s done in community health centers to start with. And the real impact of those changing means of reimbursement is to stop unnecessary churning to stop unnecessary often wasteful and useless services because of the incentives provided by fee-for-service. Health centers to start with employ salaried physicians who don’t respond to the incentives of fee-for-service so we are in a particularly good position among all healthcare institutions to respond to this change because we’re already there.

At sage growth partners we recognize that for you to optimize the value of what you can deliver to your community you have to be not only clinically focused but you have to be fiscally prudent and secure. We can help you solve both of those challenges.


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