Fresh Perspective: A Young Professional Reflects on her Experience Meeting a Healthcare Luminary

Chloe McDaniel
Marketing Intern
Sage Growth Partners

When Dr. Geiger invited our team to his home for an interview, I was honored to be included. While I’m new to the world of healthcare and wasn’t familiar with Dr. Geiger’s work, I knew that the opportunity to meet him was something I was lucky to have. We traveled to New York on a Tuesday, planning to stay for the day. Dr. Geiger’s house in the heart of downtown Brooklyn was filled with charm—toys belonging to his grandchildren, pictures from a lifetime of influence and passion, and enough art to fill a small gallery.

I arrived just as the interview began; Dr. Geiger was passionately discussing his inspiration for the first Community Health Center, stemming from time he spent in South Africa. It would be hard to guess the importance of Dr. Geiger’s impact by his modest demeanor, but he subtly commanded the room. The interview took about two and a half hours, though I hoped for more. Dr. Geiger had tremendous insights to share; he’d seen and done so much over the course of his life.


This year, the United States is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Community Health Centers. It’s so hard to believe I was able to meet with the man who, in part, initiated this movement. My time with Dr. Geiger moved me to consider the lives saved thanks to his devotion.

Dr. Geiger has an uncommon ability to address the root causes of major issues—he doesn’t see a problem without suggesting a possible solution. Healthcare is an industry that seems to be focused on fixing emergencies; Dr. Geiger stressed that the key to avoiding these problems is fostering health, both mentally and physically, from the beginning.

His boundless compassion extends to all walks of life at all stages of life. Dr. Geiger’s hard-working attitude and passion for improving the health and well-being of so many is reflected in the people involved in CHCs today; his goal of working to find a way to nurture better, higher quality healthcare is alive and well. As Dr. Geiger told us during his interview, “We want to be the instruments of change that make a healthier, longer life available to all.”