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Developing understanding to create effective strategies, go-to-market plans, and effective assets

Any initiative built on bad information is destined to fail. The healthcare market is a crowded, noisy place, filled with voices clamoring for your attention. Parsing out the true quality data from the useless chatter is a major concern—and doing it effectively can be the difference between organizational success and business failure.

Because of this, research is at the core of all of SGP’s work. We begin every initiative with a discovery phase, designed to gather key voice of business, voice of customer, and voice of market information. We also undertake secondary literature reviews to gather key market data to help elevate your business and guide your strategy.

By understanding how all of the components of your business interact and influence each other, we create a strong foundation for your product, service, or capability to stand out and reach the right audience in the right way.

Proven Success

“The Sage group really jumped in and did a very thoughtful needs assessment from a business perspective and helped us to develop a strategic plan that went over five years.”

Ellie Tinto-Poiter, Compliance and Risk Specialist, CrescentCare Health


Healthcare-Only Strategic Research Services
Primary Research
  • Voice of Business
  • Voice of Customer
  • Voice of Market
  • Brand Awareness
  • Intercepts
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Online Surveys
  • Customer Panels
  • Focus Groups
  • Dyad Interviews
  • Phone Surveys
  • Concept Testing
Secondary Source Research
  • Needs Assessments
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Data analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Market Sizing
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Competitor Analysis
Representative Clients


Whether we are creating a new brand, realigning with a new positioning, or advancing new perceptions, our work is always strategic, always genuine, and always uplifted by our interdisciplinary team and uncommon understanding of the healthcare marketplace.  See representative samples of our work below.

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