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Health Evolution’s new look and feel reflect the organization’s transformational approach to healthcare leadership

A Revolutionary
Brand Evolution

The Challenge

Health Evolution unites the country’s most influential healthcare leaders to catalyze industry innovation. Most well-known for hosting the annual and highly exclusive Health Evolution Summit, the organization drives cross-industry impact through events, forums, and fellowship programs. Recently, Health Evolution partnered with us to elevate their brand presence and visual identity and enhance awareness and understanding of their unique offerings.



Differentiate Health Evolution from competitor organizations and capture attention with a unique and memorable brand identity


Craft a comprehensive set of unique value propositions and differentiators among target audiences, including CEOs and other industry leaders


Create a unique and updated brand value story, logo, and website to connect with a broader market audience

The Work

Market research

We analyzed the competitive landscape and conducted dozens of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and customers, along with blinded consumer discussions.


We repositioned the organization and recrafted the brand value story. Through the work, we introduced a new unifying tagline: Where change happens in healthcare.

Visual Brand

To bring Health Evolution’s new brand identity to life, we designed a memorable new visual brand, complete with a fresh color palette, typography, imagery, and new logo.


We custom-built a completely redesigned user-centric website that prioritized thought leadership and engaging content to reflect the organization’s mission.