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How we partnered with Kyruus Health to create a new category and brand identity

From Market Leaders
to Market Makers

The Challenge

Kyruus Health is the industry’s largest care access platform designed to unify providers, payers, and consumers of care so that healthcare works better for everyone. Over the past few years, the company has expanded its reach through new product innovation and the acquisitions of HealthSparq and Epion Health to better serve the varied needs of stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

With an expanded tech stack and entirely new offering, Kyruus had both the privilege—and perplexing challenge—of being an entirely unique player in the market. Together with Sage, the organization embarked on an iterative two-year journey to create a unified company identity, build a cohesive brand and messaging suite, develop a complementary product architecture, design and launch a whole new visual brand and website, and set out in the market as pioneering category creators.



Evolve the brand messaging and positioning suite to reflect the organization’s growing capabilities, innovations, and identity, ensuring it encompasses both current and anticipated market needs and challenges.


Unify the legacy Kyruus, HealthSparq, and Epion Health brands, products, and functionalities and unify organization under the singular go-forward company identity of “Kyruus Health.”


Design an entirely new visual brand identity to reflect the company’s updated mission, vision, values and goals, including a new logo.


Extend visual identity consistently across all external touchpoints, including marketing communications, events, website, and more.


Determine the organization’s new product category: “care access platform” and build a foundation from which to define and establish it within the broader HIT landscape.


Design, map, write, create, and launch a website that introduces the new Kyruus Health brand and product platform.

The Work

Market research and competitive landscape analysis

Kyruus knew that its expanded set of offerings would resonate broadly and needed to learn about the pain points, challenges, motivators and needs of C-Suite purchasers at health plans, hospitals and health systems, medical groups, and care navigation organizations.

Comprehensive messaging suite

Sage workshopped the Kyruus messaging suite over the entire two-year process to ensure the resulting set of pain points, brand promises, unique differentiators, positioning statement, and proof points clearly articulated the value of the unified Kyruus Health. To promote a sense of internal corporate unification, Sage partnered closely with the People team and conducted focus groups with employees to curate a motivational and inspiring “Mission, Vision, and Values” set for the team.

Qualitative and quantitative message testing

To ensure the messaging resonated with a broad array of stakeholders, was memorable, and would motivate action, Sage tested the entire messaging suite through a series of blinded qualitative conversations with purchaser personas and a quantitative survey of a representative key audience.

Ideation and messaging workshops

To ensure the approach was team-based, iterative, and informed by the broadest set of perspectives, Sage conducted various virtual ideation sessions, an in-person messaging and brainstorm workshop in June 2022, and category creation ideation session in Summer 2023.

New visual brand identity

To reflect Kyruus Health’s mission—guiding people to the right care—Sage collaborated with its trusty design partner, The Engine Room, to develop an updated logo, look and feel, and brand guide that represent the company’s network, care pathways, and patient journeys. The subtle heart embedded within the logo design symbolizes the organization’s dedication to patient care.

Category creation

As Sage began to cohere the organization’s go-forward identity in copy and brand, the team quickly realized that existing product categories fell short of capturing Kyruus Health’s true promise to the market. Sage partnered closely with the Kyruus Health executive team to define an expansive new category for the organization–and the industry at large: Care Access Platform.

Website redesign

Equipped with a new brand guide and a robust messaging suite, Sage partnered closely with the Kyruus Health team to map out a new site layout and redesign. From unique page designs to site architecture, copy, and development, Sage built Kyruus Health a new website from the ground up that proudly represents the culmination of the two-year journey .

Corporate values video

Sage partnered with the Marketing, Events, and People teams to script, map, and film an internal corporate hype video showcasing a diverse array of employees’ perspectives on what the Kyruus Health mission, vision, and values mean to them.