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How we helped Medisafe level-up its pitch with an economic impact model that demonstrates value upfront

the Deal Size

The Challenge

Medisafe, the leading medication engagement platform, empowers patients to seamlessly manage their treatment journey from the palm of their hands. With adherence tools, patient and caregiver support modules, and access and coordination solutions, the company enables care organizations to completely reimagine the treatment journey. While well-regarded in the market, Medisafe’s sales team was finding their sales cycle too protracted. By the time they were able to deliver an ROI model, too much time had passed, and they were often met with skepticism. They turned to us to help develop an economic impact model (EIM) that would allow their team to demonstrate value earlier in the sales process.



Improve Medisafe’s ability to sell into large biopharmaceutical clients, including tactics to help reach more senior executives to create bigger deals


Clearly outline and articulate Medisafe’s array of unique benefits, use cases, and key differentiators


Identify the economic impact of Medisafe’s ability to address these use cases based on market-based metrics and value drivers

The Work


We dove into a cache of materials, including sales collateral, pitch decks, existing market research, marketing materials, and more in order to develop a sense of the company’s existing value propositions, market position, and sales strategy.

Market Research

To identify insights and trends in company sentiment, both from within the organization and outside of it, we conducted interviews with an array of senior Medisafe leaders, along with customer interviews, and representative personas from the broader target market.


Based on our research and discovery process, we crafted an insights deck combining information gleaned from interviews, along with relevant industry trends, benchmarks, client case studies, and more, which allowed us to identify the most relevant use cases.

Economic Impact Model (EIM)

We built a custom EIM that enabled the Medisafe team to share a value story much earlier in the sales process, and which was customizable for tailored use cases that mattered most to prospect organizations and their key stakeholders.

Key Findings

Drivers of Value

While Medisafe’s team had always considered ‘new prescriptions’ as the primary benefit, our team learned that prospects are also looking to “improve patient compliance” and “total number of prescriptions.” We were able to build this into our impact model.

Key Personas

Our research helped the sales team refine their audience targeting; while they usually pursued stakeholders responsible for new scripts, we identified a greater value in engaging senior level prospects that were accountable for a total number of scripts.

Sales Obstacles

We quickly realized that buyers thought Medisafe was only helpful for adherence and app engagement and encouraged the team to expand messaging to reflect their solution’s ability to drive new patient enrollment.

Sales Cycle Speed

We helped the team distill their sales pitch to a few quick slides, which could readily be shared with champions on the prospect side who could easily socialize the value story.