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How our national campaign helped the NMHA reduce COVID-era health disparities

70,000 Shots

The Challenge

A leading champion for health equity since 1988, The National Minority Health Association (NMHA) is on a mission to transform the healthcare system to be more equitable, inclusive, and accessible for all. As COVID-19 vaccination rates began to tick up, startling immunization disparities emerged. In June 2021, the NMHA was awarded an $11.1 million grant from HRSA to help raise awareness, earn trust, and increase vaccination confidence in historically underserved and minority communities. The NMHA turned to us to spearhead an integrated approach that would move the needle with a comprehensive campaign, including consumer profiles, social media campaigns, print and digital collateral, public relations outreach, and branded swag.



Increase awareness of the importance of COVID-19 immunization and reduce vaccine hesitancy


Create a unique campaign theme that would resonate with key audiences and spur action to boost vaccination rates


Build trust among the vaccine hesitant by amplifying stories and launching a robust social education effort

The Work

Sentiment Research

We studied the history of medical mistrust and healthcare equities, and created a range of key consumer profiles, from the vaccine hesitant to the anti-vaxxer to understand unique perceptions and drivers.


We conducted a brainstorm session to generate catchy slogans, compelling taglines, and motivating rewards that would resonate across platforms and audiences. The team unanimously arrived at an irreverent and inspirational slogan: “Flex for Checks.”

Campaign Design

We rapidly developed campaign messaging, branding, visuals, rewards, and a site design to house the consumer-facing experience.

Consumer Panel Study

To test our theme and ensure the messaging would resonate, we launched a US Consumer Panel Survey of over 200 individuals to identify feedback and finalize the logo and branding.


We developed an engaging and user-friendly campaign site that housed branding and educational materials, customizable collateral, white papers, payment methods, PR materials, and more.

Partner Activation

We created a variety of promotional materials for NMHA’s agency partners, including FAQs, training materials, employee swag, and other collateral, which ultimately united nearly 2,000 home health agencies and pharmacies.

Public Relations

Our team conducted media outreach on the national scale and received endorsement from celebrities and health advocates alike, including a segment on the Rachael Ray show, and a feature from music industry powerhouse Dr. Mathew Knowles.


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