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How we helped Pinnacle Treatment Centers reach patients with the right message at moments it matters most

Connecting With Patients,
Saving Lives

The Challenge

With more than 135 locations nationwide, Pinnacle Treatment Centers is a recognized leader in comprehensive substance use treatment services. Their compassionate treatment philosophy covers a full continuum of quality care that treats the individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being. We recently partnered with the organization to help them chart a path to growth that stays true to the hands-on, patient-centric culture Pinnacle is known for.



Assess market perceptions, pain points, and opportunities for value creation in the substance use market from the provider, patient, and consumer perspectives


Outline a typical patient journey to substance use treatment, including a deep dive into the array of personal motivators driving patients’ treatment pathways


Develop a marketing and brand awareness recommendation that will help drive awareness of and preference for Pinnacle Treatment Centers


Identify thought leadership angles and messaging cues that help advance the narrative around substance abuse treatment and reduce the stigma around medication-assisted treatment

The Work

Qualitative interviews

We interviewed dozens of individuals across the organization, including corporate leaders and the executive team, regional directors, field staff, patients and loved ones, state-level channel and other referral partners to learn about the organization, consumer and partner sentiments, and identify common themes around the course of treatment.

Market research

We developed four unique surveys to ascertain the broader market’s view on Pinnacle’s messaging, resonance, and thought leadership, including: Pinnacle Center leadership and counselors, Pinnacle patients, non-Pinnacle patients, and Pinnacle partners.

Patient journey

Based on hours of interviews, primary and secondary research, and discovery, we mapped out the typical patient pathway, which follows the non-linear course of major touchpoints, key factors, and obstacles influencing a patient seeking substance abuse treatment.

Marketing recommendations

We created a set of tactical marketing recommendations, along with targeted messaging for Pinnacle’s key patient and partner personas, to align with the various stages of the patient journey map.