Telehealth in 2023: Predictions & Insights for the Year Ahead

by | Dec 7, 2022

Few technologies have seen such a rapid change in fortune as telehealth: national data shows that telemedicine encounters spiked by 766% in the first three months of the pandemic.

Indeed, Covid-19 created an instant need for virtual care, forever altering the course of telemedicine, elevating the technology from an underutilized tool to an integral modality of care delivery.

Now two years into the pandemic, we began to wonder: Has the novelty of telehealth finally worn off – or is the transformative technology here to stay? 

To assess the market’s temperature on telehealth, we surveyed 170 health system executives and independent practice group leaders. Their input paints a picture of a technology at a crossroads – with implementation and workflow wrinkles, but full of potential. 

While 73% of physicians believe telehealth improves patient access, 57% of organizations report not yet creating new workflows to optimize their virtual visits.

Read our latest report to learn what key leaders believe the future has in store for telehealth, including answers to today’s biggest meaningful use questions: 

– What stage of maturity is telehealth adoption at today?

– Do healthcare leaders believe telehealth impacts key clinical outcomes? 

– Which service lines or encounters are best suited for telehealth use?

– Can telehealth help healthcare organizations avoid costly emergency care visits?Read Report Today

Telehealth offers great potential to impact some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. A preview of where organizations believe the technology can drive the most value: 

Shaver J. (2022). The State of Telehealth Before and After the COVID-19 PandemicPrimary care49(4), 517–530.