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ICYMI: Trending Healthcare Topics for May 2016

By June 2, 2016April 23rd, 2024No Comments

ICYMI: Trending Healthcare Topics for May 2016

By Sage Growth | June 2, 2016

An overview of the changes, trends, and newsmakers from the past month

May was a good month for reflection and checking progress on key initiatives for the healthcare industry. This month, we take a look at healthcare progress, and where some initiatives are lagging. What was on your mind this month?

The progress of new initiatives

Areas for growth

  • The continuing saga of meaningful use: Meaningful use was changed and added to MACRA, but some physicians are still wondering if this is for the best, or if it introduces a whole new set of complications.
  • Behavioral health reform lagging: When it comes to effective behavioral health care and treatment for adolescents and families facing these issues, the healthcare industry is lagging woefully behind, says the former president and CEO of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation.

Driving change

  • The rocky road to value-based care: The evolving nature of the physician-hospital relationship is necessary to implement effective value-based payment practices, yet there’s a few bumps in the road on the way to progress.
  • Simplifying priorities: When it comes to successful management and implementation of workflow changes and priorities, one hospital’s chief administrative officer says simplicity is critical to success.