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Inside the Mind of the Hospital C-suite: Health IT Vendor Forecast 2020

By Sage Growth | January 20, 2020

Electronic medical records (EMRs) have consumed the vast majority of hospitals’ budgets and mindshare over the past 10 years—and health IT vendors have felt the sting.

Yet it’s increasingly apparent that EMRs have failed to meet expectations. While hospital C-suite leaders have historically stood by their EMRs, they’re no longer willing to wait for their vendors to fix long-established problems such as inefficient workflows, lack of actionable data, and poor interoperability.

A recent survey of 100 hospital C-suite leaders by healthcare consultancy Sage Growth Partners found that, moving forward, nearly 60% will seek out another health IT vendor when they need a new tool, rather than waiting for their EMR vendor to provide it. The survey also found that most hospital leaders plan to invest in new solutions to augment their EMR, and those solutions will cover the full spectrum of healthcare technology—from data analytics capabilities to patient engagement tools to digital health applications.

This report details more on the survey findings, including the C-suite’s top health IT needs and investment priorities, the sales and marketing strategies that most convince them to meet with vendors, the key decision makers your company should target, and how you can best position your solution to capture their attention—and business—in 2020.

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