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The Sweet Spot: Healthcare Venture Capital and HIT Leaders

By Sage Growth | November 11, 2019

How investors and HIT leaders can find common ground to collaborate and grow.

Healthcare is experiencing a gold rush of sorts: the amount of capital chasing the dream of disrupting the industry’s massive bloat and inefficiency is staggering—with both CEOs and investors hoping to take even a modest portion of the enormous pie. The capital piece, these days, seems easy.

But who will really win: what team, what thesis, what company will actually gain traction? There are so many ingredients required to bake a successful exit.

Sage Growth Partners initiated research gauging the attitudes of both investors and CEOs of U.S.-based healthcare companies to clarify their relative priorities for growing revenue in today’s ever-changing industry.

Specifically, we engaged 30 investors who have provided capital to healthcare companies at stages ranging from seed to buy out; each had made at least one, and upwards of five, investments in the past 12 months. Also, we engaged 30 CEOs of healthcare companies—half of whom received funding in the past 12 months; the last round of funding received by the group of CEOs spanned from $250,000 to $100 million.

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