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How to Communicate When Things Go Wrong

By John Gonda, VP, PR & Media Relations | February 22, 2023


Most seasoned healthcare company executives have encountered a crisis-level situation within their organization. These crises, particularly those that require a public response— to employees, customers, the general public, or even the government—can invoke panic in even the most cool-headed leaders.

The potential list of public crises a healthcare company may face is long and varied, and includes:

  • Distribution of confidential patient information (such as through hacking or accidental distribution)
  • Allegations of executive misconduct
  • Unexpected leadership transitions
  • Financial improprieties
  • Public outrage over an issue connected to your company
  • False accusations about your company or leadership 

Regardless of the type of crisis a company faces, properly handling crisis communications can minimize the negative impact and help your brand and relationships remain sound. In this report, Sage Growth Partners identifies the key steps every company should take when responding to a crisis.

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