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The Great Disconnect: What Digital Biopharma Solutions are Missing

By Sage Growth | February 14, 2023

Where to Focus: Survey Guides Biopharma Digital Solutions to Better Meet Market Needs.

To help companies that sell digital solutions to the biopharma market identify the needs, plans, and preferences of potential buyers,Sage Growth Partners conducted a survey with 116 leaders from biopharmaceutical companies. The survey analyzed digital solutions in six areas: Analytics, Real World Evidence (RWE), Enterprise, Clinical Development, Patient Engagement and Digital Therapeutics.

In this report, you will learn:

Leaders’ unmet needs

Where they plan to invest in the next few years

Recommended steps to accelerate awareness and sales in a crowded digital market

Defining Priorities for Solution Capabilities.

Sage uses structured techniques (such as the Importance-Satisfaction Matrix shown here) to define needs and opportunities. Survey respondents were asked to rate their current satisfaction with and importance of various capabilities of existing solutions. While reporting the results for each type of solution is beyond what can be included here, we include an example of these findings for Clinical Development solutions in the figure below. Solution providers should focus on the lower right quadrant, where buyers place the greatest importance but are the least satisfied with the capability of existing solutions.

As this data indicates, Clinical Development buyers are least satisfied with their solutions’ ability to:

Reduce regulatory risk

Understand treatment safety and efficacy for sub populations

Improve productivity

Enhance site and investigator selection

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