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ICYMI: Trending Healthcare Topics for March 2016

By March 31, 2016April 23rd, 2024No Comments

ICYMI: Trending Healthcare Topics for March 2016

By Sage Growth | March 31, 2016

An overview of the changes, trends, and newsmakers from the past month

The first quarter of 2016 comes to a close, and the news is reflecting the drive for effective collaboration and communication in the face of a changing industry—especially as security and safety issues affect key market segments.

Effective Collaboration and Communication

  • Collaboration critical for the future of healthcare: Amid a divided healthcare industry, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) issued a rallying cry for more collaboration across the industry to build on the successes of ACA.
  • Collaborative staffing offers innovative methods for healthcare orgs: In partnership with our colleagues at API Healthcare, SGP GM Pat Ball explores how healthcare can learn from other industries to solve staffing process woes.

Security and Safety

  • Misdiagnoses more likely for ‘difficult’ patients: Patients who have high demands and low expectations of their doctors, or who tend to ignore clinical recommendations are 42 percent more likely to get the wrong diagnosis of a complex medical case.
  • C.Diff on the rise in teaching hospitals: C.Diff is the most recent hospital-acquired infection to increase infection rates, with the misuse or abuse of antibiotics viewed as a root cause.
  • Data security issues plague HHS’ premier public-facing website,, has been hit with 316 separate security incidents, raising concerns among legislative accountability watchdogs.