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Disrupting Healthcare’s Legacy Approach to Staffing

By Sage Growth | March 31, 2016

How collaborative methodologies can lead to improved outcomes and a healthier bottom line

By Patrick Ball, MBA
Sage Growth Partners

An emerging process is showing great promise in helping to reduce the time and cost associated with scheduling healthcare staff—while driving increased staff and patient satisfaction. Named Collaborative Staffing, this new approach rethinks traditional staffing practices to find new solutions to long-standing problems. Collaborative Staffing helps to drive down costs through better staff utilization, as opposed to staff reduction. By positively impacting turnover, recruitment, and staff engagement, this innovative model ultimately affects patient outcomes and quality


We live in a world where we have gained control over simple, yet important needs—for years, you haven’t needed to call a travel agent to book a trip. There’s no need to wave down a cab when you can order a driver from your phone, and you don’t have to walk into a bank to deposit your paycheck. Industries have cut out the middle man, allowing the buyer and seller to match supply and demand in a more collaborative manner. In doing so, the travel, banking, and transportation industries have dramatically lowered operating costs while improving profitability and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.