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Leading Through Change, Because Patients Deserve More: A Cross-Sector Report

By Sage Growth | October 3, 2023


Sage Growth Partners has been researching hospital safety for nearly a decade and we’ve interviewed hundreds of hospital executives on the topic. Over time, we’ve identified two fundamental truths:

  1. Hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other clinical team members are doing everything they can to keep patients healthy and safe.
  2. Despite their best efforts, safety problems continue to plague even the best hospitals and their patients.

At Sage, we believe that new ideas are often unearthed through open and transparent dialogue. That’s why, when one of our clients, VigiLanz, asked if we could help produce a cross-sector report that would fuel a new and productive conversation around hospital safety, we were thrilled to help.

This report is the result. It features the perspectives of five patient safety leaders across three industry sectors:

  1. Hospitals and health systems
  2. Nonprofit organizations
  3. Technology companies

Read the report to explore their thoughts on:

  • The biggest patient safety gain that has occurred over the past decade
  • The role innovation plays in enhancing patient safety
  • Top recommendations for creating a culture of safety
  • What patient safety could look like in the next five years