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Five Reasons Email Benchmarks Are Deceptive – Sage Advice

By Sage Growth | September 5, 2019

Getting your message to your target audience is critical for success. But how can you actually define success?

Our new article takes a look at the science behind setting email benchmarks—and why the standards often seen can be deceptive. We break down the five factors that make healthcare email benchmarking so nuanced:

  1. Appropriately defining your niche
  2. Segmenting the target audience correctly
  3. Framing the right message and content
  4. Finding the balance between frequency and awareness
  5. Uncovering the validity of baseline reporting

Understanding the background behind email benchmarks is foundational for marketing in healthcare, no matter if you’re new or have been commercially emailing for years. Reach out to us today to share your thoughts and strategies for success.

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