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Creating Value at Philips Wellcentive

By Sage Growth | February 6, 2017

Wellcentive co-founders Mason Beard and Paul Taylor, MD, recently shared some of the lessons they learned while building a truly successful company:

  • Understanding that you will need help
  • Picking a partner that is more than a vendor
  • Building awareness and generating demand requires thought leadership status

Wellcentive’s understanding of these key factors were critical in helping them stand out in a very noisy population health management marketplace—in 2016, they were acquired by Philips for a market-leading multiple.

“Before Sage we were fumbling around in the dark.  We were just fumbling and maybe hitting some success in certain states but couldn’t really replicate it.” said Mason Beard.  “After Sage we really felt like we had an operational plan of how to go to market in an intelligent way.”