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Zip Codes Alone Don’t Deliver

By Sage Growth | February 14, 2018


Behavior and Engagement Data Drives Targeted Strategies and Action

As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care and improving the health of populations, disruptors in the space increasingly appreciate the role that non-medical factors play in shaping health. To optimally manage population health, care management, and business improvement programs, the industry must look beyond the data traditionally captured in the medical record to obtain a wider perspective of the factors that influence our health.

This paper provides examples of the impact that socio-behavioral determinants of health (SBDoH) data can have on organizations and individuals, including:

  • Identifying an incremental 33% of a population at risk within a targeted geography
  • Efficiently focusing marketing resources while shaving millions of dollars from a health plan’s operational launch budget
  • Segmenting a diabetic population by their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors to improve the efficacy of health interventions
  • Increasing effective engagement strategies from 0% to 65% in an at-risk population across two and a half zip codes