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The Growth Manifesto: Finding growth in a crowded healthcare market

By Sage Growth | April 9, 2019

In today’s loud, crowded, and confused healthcare information technology (HIT) market, the challenges that block growth can be nearly impossible to overcome.

This is especially true for HIT leaders who are operating under outdated assumptions—and, given how fast the market moves, all assumptions are outdated. To thrive, HIT companies need to constantly evolve and stay ahead of the trends.

But that’s not the only challenge. Companies also face a crowded marketplace in which their customers (payers and/or providers) are inundated with new HIT companies and solutions—leading to a very significant technology hangover.

The Growth Manifesto featured in HIT Consultant

by Fred Pennic 04/10/2019

Report: Why Today’s Health IT Market is Loud, Crowded, And Confused

Excerpt: Today’s health IT market is loud, crowded, and confused. Payers and providers are inundated with new solutions as they struggle to both define priorities and see results from their tech acquisitions. To provide more insights into the crowded market, Sage Growth Partners has launched a new report sharing how HIT companies should approach growth in the midst of a major ‘tech hangover.


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