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Prove Your Value to the C-suite – Economic Value Calculators

By Sage Growth | June 5, 2019

The successful sales tactic most healthcare technology companies aren’t using

Hospitals and health systems want to do the right thing. They continually strive to make patients happier, improve health outcomes, and invest in their communities. But without revenue and profit, they can’t succeed in this mission. Healthcare in the United States is, after all, a business.

How can your company stand out from the competition?

The simple answer is proof – proof that your solution delivers genuine economic value and a clear ROI. Credible proof is difficult to render, but a vastly underutilized tool can deliver it: Economic Value Calculators. We’ve helped many companies, including Vocera, API, and Philips Healthcare, create these tools, and the impact they’ve had on sales has been impressive.

Read more in Stephanie Kovalick’s latest article, Prove Your Value to the C-suite.

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